National and international orders for living cultures will be charged a shipping fee of $70 and $150, respectively.

For frozen or lyophilized pellets a handling fee of $100 will be applied in addition to the listed shipping rates above. Additional rates may apply on a case-by-case basis for exceptionally large orders.

Care is taken so that the cultures arrive alive, but once the shipment leaves the ARC facility it may be subject to external environmental stressors such as warm temperatures while in transit. All cultures should be examined immediately upon arrival. Should a living culture arrive dead, ARC will send a second culture (only once) for the cost of only the shipping and handling if notified within one week of arrival.  

All shipments will be made overnight using FedEx or DHL carriers. Purchased strains will be subcultured at the time of the transaction and will require one week to grow and be shipped. If more time is required to grow the requested strain to proper shipping concentrations the customer will be notified promptly.

For international shipments, the receiving party is responsible for any delays due to customs or the carrier. Also, the receiving party is responsible for any additional fees or taxes required by the foreign country.

International customers must obtain and present any required import permit to ARC staff.

NOTE - The Algal Resources Collection does not ship to any foreign country that is restricted for commerce or trade by the U.S. Federal Government according to the Office of Foreign Assets of the U.S. Department of Treasury. Specifically, these include countries that are deemed threats to national security, foreign policy, or the economy of the United States. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse shipment upon our discretion. The purchaser also agrees not to forward material received from ARC on to third-party countries that are embargoed, restricted, or engaged in illegal activity per the definition of the U.S. government.

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