How to Deposit a Strain

We only accept cultures isolated as part of your research. Third part strains are not accepted, unless the strain isolators communicate with us by e-mail of their consent.

Strains deposited to the ARC will be distributed unless you have specific reasons not to do so. In this case, we will include the deposited strain in our website as “available only for collaboration” until your work is done and the information is published. If another researcher shows interest in using your strains, we can establish a link between the two interested parties so a collaboration can be discussed.

Please first contact the ARC Director at with the information on the strain(s) you want to deposit. We will send you the forms that need to be filed and send back to us. After that, we will provide you with our FedEx number account as well instructions for packing properly the strains so they arrive at ARC in good conditions.

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