• Prices are different for the public (research centers, universities) or private sector (companies).

• Strains are provided for free to ARC collaborators

• ARC user charges are established based on the cost of time spent by the collection staff to perform transfer preparations, quality assurance, transfer of perpetual stocks, and post-transfer cleanup for each clone available for public use

Product/Service Price Price
Living Cultures
30 mL non-profit (research) $100
30 mL for profit $175
250 mL $225
500 mL $275
Mass Culture (static)
Variable volume of living cultures (harvested as wet pellert) Customized
Mass Culture (photobioreactor)
10-L living culture (harvested as wet pellet) Customized
Mass Culture Equipment Rental
Use of photobioreactor staff in our lab and operated by the ARC staff (unit per month) $1,000
Micrographs (10 pictures per strain)
Light microscopy $50
Epifluorescence microscope (i.e., dinoflagellate plates) $100
Species Identification
Microscopy $100
DNA sequencing (per marker) $250
DNA Extract (per strain)
100 µl liquid $100
2 µg precipitate $150
Other products/services
Media (LH, F/2, L1, L2, K) 1 L $85
Media (F/2, L1, L2, K, LH) stock solutions for 50L $75
Gulf Stream water 1 L $50
Water Sample Isolation (per isolated strain) $100
Crude Methanol Extract (per sample) $100
Brine Shrimp – toxicity bioassay (per sample) $100
Pigment Analyses – HPLC (per sample) $100
Private Holdings/Storage (strain/year) $200
Consultancy  Customized

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