Arc Projects


CSBR: Living Stock: Enhancement to the operation and accessibility of the Algal Resources Collection
National Science Foundation (NSF 1756414). Alves-de-Souza (PI) and Carmelo Tomas (Co-PI)

Goal: Enhancement of infrastructure and procedures for the improvement of culturing conditions and workflow efficiency in the Algal Resources Collection (ARC), the only public collection in the USA focused on harmful algae.


Development of a low cost, high-throughput system for the in situ monitoring of toxic algal in Chilean coast
Chilean National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT). (IT17F10011). Alves-de-Souza (Co-PI)

Goal: Development of a protocol for the monitoring of harmful algae in the Chilean coast based on the combination of opportunistic sampling using merchant vessels and quantification of the samples by high-throughput imagery methods.


MRI: Acquisition of a FEI Apreo Scanning Electron Microscope
National Science Foundation (NSF 040036584). Alves-de-Souza (CO-PI)

Goal: Acquisition of a new Scanning Electron Microscope for UNCW.

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