Help Arc to Grow

In order to be an effective resource to the HAB research community, we need to constantly incorporate new strains from diverse geographic locations and different bloom events.

You can help us to improve by:

  • Depositing/donating strains (see how here)
  • Sending us live samples from HAB events in your area

Please contact us if you want to deposit HAB strains at ARC or send us live samples from HAB events. We will provide you with our FedEx number account so you can ship them to us free of charge for you.

Why deposit/donate your strains at ARC?
  • Your work is concluded and it is time to move on to another project and/or there is no more use for the obtained strains or resources to maintain them.
  • Strains are frequently lost because there are not enough resources (both personnel and material) for their maintenance and/or equipment malfunction. Who never returned to the lab after the weekend to realize that a germination chamber is not working properly?

By depositing your strains at ARC, you assure your research material and always have a source to reacquire your strains in the case you lost them and make sure that they are available to other researchers through our website. If you are still working with the strains and do not want them to be made available to the public (i.e., waiting for publication), we can include it in our website as “available only for collaboration” for a limited amount time. If another researcher shows interest in using your strains, we are available to establish a link between the two interested parties so a collaboration can be discussed.

Why send us live samples from HAB events?
  • You want to have a better characterization of HAB species in your area but culturing/taxonomy is not a part of your scope.
  • You are not currently performing culture experiments, but it is a possibility for future projects so it would be handy to have available HAB strains from your area.

As a retribution, we will provide you the obtained strains for free (only shipping cost is required) along with their full characterization (photomicrographs, DNA sequencing and biotoxicity by biossay).

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